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  • Cast Iron Rain Drain Stack Leak Repair No Excavation 866 690 7451 Trenchless Pipe Lining 61


    Got backups or leaks? Get Cast Iron Rain Drain Stack Leak Repair No Excavation in 4 hours & 50 year warranty. Costs 50% of traditional digging! http:// Trenchless Cast Iron Sewer Pipe Repair Stops Backups & Leaks For 100 Years! Like most people, you have never heard of "trenchless pipe repair", or "pipe lining", or "cured-in-place pipe lining". Bur some day it may save, yes, literally save, your house. As Sure As Death Itself, All Old Pipes Rust Away So you have lived in your house for 30 years, or just bought one that is 30 years old or older. The reason we picked this number is that it seems to be the amount of time needed for the cast iron sewer pipes under homes to rust out and start collapsing, causing repeated backups and floods. The perforated cast iron sewer pipes also allow tree roots in search of water to grow into the pipes, also causing devastating sewer floods. In High rise buildings the sewer pipes are vertical and extend from the highest floor down to the bottom floor. When these cast iron sewer "stacks" rust, they get a vertical or longitudinal crack, which leaks whenever anyone on a higher floor flushes their toilet. Can you imagine waking up in the morning to step out of your bed into twelve floors of flushing in your condo? The Bad Solution Traditional plumbing companies who are called out to fix the leak prefer to excavate walls and floors, displacing tenants for weeks, creating huge jackhammer messes, spreading a deadly aerosol of coli-form sewer bacteria throughout residences as they replace the old pipes by excavation. Floors and walls have to be replaced, and tiles, marble, paint etc. have to be restored. The cost for a regular 3 bed, 3 bath house runs $15,000-$25,000 in total. The Good Solution You Don't Know About - Trenchless Cast Iron Sewer Pipe Repair These days however, a "trenchless pipe repair" company can install a new 100-year inner pipe lining in the old pipe without excavation. It takes about one day, and for the aforementioned house, would cost about $6,000. The Perma-Liner brand of pipe lining for example, comes with a 50 year warranty. The Process It's quite simple really. The old sewer pipes are cleaned using a high pressure water jet. Then a new "pipe liner" is prepared which looks like a long flexible sock. A special self-hardening "resin" is poured into the liner, and the liner is pulled into the pipe. Then the liner is inflated for 3-4 hours, during which time the resin hardens, after which the pipe is ready for use.

  • 19 Things You've Been Doing Wrong All Your Life


    This video is about things that we do all the time. Apparently, our entire life we’ve been doing them the wrong way, while a much easier solution was right there under our nose. Most of these tricks are so simple, but most of us never knew they existed. Be prepared to re-evaluate things you have been doing for years. When we at Bright Side found out about these tricks, we were somewhere between shock and disbelief. As it turns out, we’ve been approaching the most simple everyday things all wrong and there are much easier and more convenient ways to do them. Other videos you might like: 11 Military Hacks That’ll Make Your Life Easier https://?v=frG12... 14 Computer Life Hacks You Wish You Learned Sooner https://?v=EQdVX... 12 Life Hacks That Can Help You Survive https://?v=EOjWD... TIMESTAMPS: Eating potato chips 0:21 Holding a wine glass 0:38 Putting bologna on bread 0:52 Drinking from a juice box 1:15 Slicing bread 1:30 Listening to music on your phone 1:43 Hanging a roll of toilet paper 2:00 Putting on perfume 2:22 Peeling eggs 2:39 Keeping cooked dishes warm 2:54 Eating cupcakes 3:12 Squeezing a lemon 3:27 Wearing new shoes 3:52 Making a PB&J sandwich 4:14 Peeling a banana 4:46 Cutting cherry tomatoes 5:25 Eating a pomegranate 5:53 Hanging dress shirts 6:15 Cracking pistachios 6:33 #lifehacks #simpletricks #liveeasy Music by Epidemic Sound https:// SUMMARY: - The simplest solution to keep your hands clean is to roll up the bottom of the bag, pushing the chips up. - If you hold your glass by the bowl, your hand warms the wine up and makes it lose its crispness. That’s why you’re supposed to hold a wine glass by the stem instead! - To please your inner perfectionist, cut two slices of bologna in half and put them with their cut sides outwards. Problem solved! - If you love listening to music but the speaker on your phone isn’t loud enough, there’s an easy way to kick up the volume. Take a simple drinking glass and put your phone inside – the walls of the glass will enhance the volume. - When you rub your wrists, the friction creates heat, which makes the upper most delicate notes of the fragrance disappear too quickly. - Instead of sinking your teeth right into that creamy delight and getting the icing all over your face, cut off the lower half of a cupcake and put it on the top, kinda like you’re making a little cupcake sandwich. - If you have trouble squeezing the juice out of a lemon, just put it in the microwave for a couple of seconds. The lemon will become softer, making it much easier to squeeze with your bare hands. - To break your new shoes in faster, put on thick socks, step right into those not-so-comfy shoes, and blow some hot air on them with a blow-dryer. - Just take two plates, put the tomatoes between them, slightly press on the top plate to hold the tomatoes in place. - To avoid the fruity gore all over the place, cut the pomegranate in half and put it in a bowl of water. Then take out all the seeds right in the water. The juice won’t spray, and you’ll be able to enjoy your meal without having to clean the walls first! - Have you ever noticed that a lot of dress shirts have a little loop on the back? Yep, it’s exactly for this purpose! Hang it up, and worry no more! - To save your fingertips, just use a pistachio shell for the rest of the nuts. It does the trick neatly and keeps your nails safe! Subscribe to Bright Side : https://goo.gl/rQTJZz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https:// Instagram: https:// 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: https:// Photos: https:// East News ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://

  • Kids toys RC Car Amphibious Waterproof Stunt Vehicle


    MB.REVIEW Buy on amazon uk Get PAID To WALK? All About SWEATCOIN https://sweatco.in/hi/mark275904 https:// great amphibious vehicle that comes ready to run straight out of the box with the remote control batteries included aswell as a rechargeable one for the car.i did find it a bit of messing about when fitting this battery as you have to undo 2 lots of screws but this is down to the fact that can be used in water it has to be securley sealed. after me and my nephew having a good play around with it works great on hard flooring,carpet aswell any outdoor surface as each of the 4 wheels has a red rubber track that helps it move. with a maximum speed of up to 15mph. the car itself is quite light,feels well made and very robust and will give you 15 minutes of continuous use from a 3 hour charge what else my nephew really likes about the car is that its double sided so will work anyway if the car is flipped,aswell as spinning round on the spot and is quite easy to get used to the controller,so its high 5 from both him and me !! action packed car Quality Material: Environmental ABS plastic, non-toxic and tasteless, Perfect spray painting, never fade; Sturdy shell and drainage system makes the car waterproof. Full Function: Amphibious, Double sides running, Forward, Backward,Turn Left, Turn Right, 360 degree tumbling flipping; Great fun for driving on land or in water. Anti-interference 2.4GHz Radio Control:2.4GHz control frequency, stable and stronger frequency, support for multiple cars racing together at the same time; 60 metes control distance on land, 35 meters in water. 4WD: 4x4 Full Wheels Driving, strong and powerful, can offer 30KM/H maximum speed; Can over the land, sandy beach, wetlands, grasslands and water easily. Long Playing Time: With rechargeable 6V 700mAh car battery and with charge protection, 2~3 hours charging will last 15~25 minutes on a non-stop operation. With USB charge cable, Charger Adapter or Wall Plug NOT INCLUDED.

  • Magnetic Solar Powered Submersible White LED Light Review by Idealife


    Hello! I am rPm Nexus and in today's video I will be reviewing a Magnetic Solar-Powered Submersible White LED Light by Idealife. This little is extremely useful in so many ways. The main key elements its waterproof, solar-powered and its magnetic. So its perfect for late night swims and as well for camping. down below you can see all the interesting specs on this light. ⭐NEWLY UPGRADED SOLAR LIGHT: This is a upgraded solar light with new design, which is compact, simple and durable. 4 bright modes: Light bright, normal bright, super bright , and SOS flashing mode. 10 LEDs with a brightness of 90 lumens. ⭐STRONG MAGNETIC AND WATERPROOF: Its PVC protective membrane is completely sealed and highly waterproof that the solar light can be placed in the water without water seepage. Its built-in magnet can make the solar light be easily adsorbed on the surface of iron products in your house. ⭐ENERGY SAVING&ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: The solar light is designed with silicone solar panel and entirely powered by clean solar energy which is environmentally friendly and can be used for 4-8 hours under full charge. Only 0.6W of power makes the solar light low energy consumption and very energy-saving. ⭐BATTERY LEVEL REMINDER: There is a battery level reminder to let you know the battery level of this solar light so that you can adjust the usage time and mode. With 1000mah capacity that you don't have to buy extra batteies even if the solar lamp is out of battery. ⭐MULTI-PURPOSE: The solar lamp can be easily hung on backpack, tent by its hook. It is lightweight and suitable for outdoor activities such as traveling, camping, barbecue. With super waterproof design, this solar lamp even can be used in swimming pool as a submersible light. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Need a brand new t-shirt check out my new line of shirts from Teesprings: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Remember to Subscribe: Distraction Reviews Channel: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow Me: Instagram: @rpm_nexus Twitter: @rPm_Nexus Discord Channel: Youtube Creations & Beyond Facebook Group: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Watch check these videos out: Onn Mini bluetooth Speaker: Fifine Lapel Mic Review: Watch all the Bargain Tech Reviews Here: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Disclaimer: Some of the links down below go to some of my affiliated links where I will earn a small commission with no additional costs to you. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Youtube Tools to help you GROW you're channel: Tubebuddy: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 50% of your next purchases when you set up an account and make a purchase on wish.com or the app: PKNPTCX ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Idealife Magnetic Solar-Powered Light: 8% off Code: 6VBLHL4Q End date: 09/30

  • How to Make a Foam Iron War Axe Part 1


    I’m the Evil Ted who makes props and costumes. I’ve worked on Star Trek Into Darkness, Walking Dead, Fifth Element and Guyver, among lots of others. I’ve made pretty much everything out of every material, but foam is my favorite.I’m here to share my skills and shortcuts, and help you learn how to make foam costumes and props, too. To see more, check out my site: Winter Gravity by PetRUalitY Audio Jungle purchaseHere are some links to make your shopping easier.The best duct tape dummy tutorial//bit.ly/1qYvXFgHow to make a Head Cast//bit.ly/1OjwQoJHead forms//bit.ly/1RRL0PcMale body dress form//amzn.to/1UJte4IFemale body form//amzn.to/1PLRo69Floor mat foam roll//amzn.to/1PLSdfcFloor mats//amzn.to/1ZSjR1UTNT Cosplay foam//bit.ly/1TprI6eFoam rubber tubbing//bit.ly/1SH2pu6Cutting mats//amzn.to/1N2louVOne inch webbing//amzn.to/2elMaqjTwo inch webbing//amzn.to/2elIRPFBarge cement//amzn.to/1X4TXWSGlue Pot tool 200//amzn.to/1MInS6PRounded stone bit//amzn.to/2oKTUXMKnife -Box-cutter//amzn.to/1N2n07JX-ACTO Knife//amzn.to/1pSKlDIMetal ruler//amzn.to/1pSKpDtFlexible ruler//amzn.to/1pSKt67Center finder//amzn.to/2baA8OHChalk wheel marker//amzn.to/273fHJlChalk pencil//amzn.to/1rcldBlade sharpener gun//amzn.to/1RuReWuWood burner//amzn.to/1UJwlJTPropane torch//amzn.to/1X4W396Belt sander//amzn.to/1MIpduc3M 77 spray glue//amzn.to/1MIpgWQKwik seal//amzn.to/1X4WsZmPoly 60 Rubber latex//bit.ly/2b3AtULCreature cast//bit.ly/2bgH0LFBounce Rubberizer//bit.ly/2acM8gJMog podge//amzn.to/1X4Wq3DPlastic dip spray//amzn.to/1N2rqf2Weldwood cement, great for sealing foam. proline tint//bit.ly/1eRx2HzLatex tint//bit.ly/P8pdH4Spray gun gun repair kit//amzn.to/1pSMNKuFuture floor wax//amzn.to/1pSMUpgAir brush//amzn.to/2120io8Shopping with these links helps support this channel. Thank you

  • Top 10 best luggage brands


    Number 1: https://goo.gl/ymgLcY Number 2: https://goo.gl/CozMc2 Number 3: https://goo.gl/xd8vD1 Number 4: https://goo.gl/5nn66r Number 5: https://goo.gl/opGccJ Number 6: https://goo.gl/8Y7hiB Number 7: https://goo.gl/PxmYcn Number 8: https://goo.gl/JTzXud Number 9: https://goo.gl/qGt8wq Number 10: https://goo.gl/xMffMMThis video is about 10 Best luggage brands you will get best idea about luggage brands.Luggage name: Lulabop Identification Luggage Bag Rolla Tag. Luggage information: Finally, enjoy the travel knowing your baggage is privately identified with the best tags. 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! HIGH-QUALITY ALUMINUM LUGGAGE TAG: Lulabop Rolla Tag are tough enough for any travel need. RETRACTABLE INFO PANEL: Protect your private information from curious eyes with easy pull-out.List number 2,Luggage name: Dofover Thicken Anti-dust Travel Luggage Protective Cover Elastic. Luggage information: Dofover luggage cover is made of durable 250 grams material, 15% spandex and 85% polyester. COVERS SIZE–Dofover’s luggage covers are easy to put on and remove. Durable and washable, 4 sizes fits almost any Brand luggages. List number 3,Luggage name: Pro Packing Cubes – 6 Piece Lightweight Trave Cube Set. Luggage information: What Makes Pro Packing Cubes different? Designed by travelers for travelers: Our gear is designed by fellow travelers who know the real-world unique needs of a variety of travel situations. Using our cubes allows you to: Maximize space in your bag which means you can take everything you need while having room left over for anything new you want or need to add along the way.List number 4,Luggage name: PRO Packing Cubes Travel Packing Organizers & Compression Pouches for Luggage. Luggage information: Simply select the format you want in the drop-down menu above & ADD TO CART. You´ll love these cubes from the leading specialist brand. Cubes help you to organize your bag quickly, breeze through airport security, and pack / unpack in moments! This collection is an ideal gift for frequent travelers seeking the best travel accessories.List number 5,Luggage name: Gabbiano Genova Collection Hardside 20 inch Upright Spinner. Luggage information: ABS with Polycarbonate Film. Fashionable and lightweight; Made with polycarbonate composite. Durable steel alloy telescope, expandable design. Built-in shoe pockets and accessories bag; built-in TSA lock.List number 6,Luggage name: Dot&Dot Electronics Organizer. Luggage information: It is great for carrying and organizing cables, cords, USB, adapter, power bank, phones, Android and apple chargers and other electric gear. Finding and sorting your electronic gear accessories is now a breeze with this cord organizer.List number 7,Luggage name: SINOKAL Luggage Cover Luggage Protector Suicase Covers Protectors. Luggage information: SINOKAL Covers Have Four Size Design : S Size:18-20 inch cover , M Size: 22-24 inch Cover , L Size: 26-28 inch Cover , XL Size: 30-32 inch Cover . It can fit Most Brand Perfectly (Note: Different Brand may have a little different design, we can not promise all the suitcase ,so if you have any question ,please contact us).List number 8,Luggage name: EPA01A Excellent Fashion Leather PU Passport Wallet Mens Card Holder By Epoint. Luggage information: Artificial Leather. Brand Name: Epoint. Material: Artificial Leather. Size: 14cm*9.5cm. Package: With Free Gift Box.List number 9,Luggage name: Scotchgard Fabric & Upholstery Protector. Luggage information: Protect the things you love with Scotchgard Fabric Protector. Whether it’s a brand-new couch, or your little black dress, Scotchgard Fabric Protector helps repel liquids and block stains without changing the look and feel of the fabric. That means ou can wipe the surface clean before the mess sinks in for beautiful, long-lasting wear. List number 10,Luggage name: Dehykh Leather Passport Cover Holder. Luggage information: Our passport holder is made of the genuine leather of the first class. The use of only one layer of premium leather 2-3mm thick with no lining makes the cover stay compact and perfect for travel. It easily fits into a bag, luggage or pocket and doesn`t take a lot of space. Information Collected From- https:// To Our Channel Click Here: https://goo.gl/MSE1fsFollow Us On Social Media - Twitter: https://twitter.com/top10tenreviews - Pinterest: https:// - Blogger: https://top10tenreviews.blogspot.com/ - Tumblr: https://top10reviewsworld.tumblr.com - WordPress: https://top10tenreviewsgmail.wordpress.com

  • UPVC panel raw material of pvc plastic, wall panel


    1.SPECIFICATION: MATERIAL Natural imestone powder (Calcium Carbonate),PVC FACE UV FILM SIZE 1220X2440MM THICKNESS 1/2/3/3.5/4/5/6/7/8/9MM Density: 2000KGS/M3 Bending Strength ≥16Mpa 2. ADVANTAGE 1. Environmental-friendly, 100 % recyclable 2. Ultra-thin and light,common thickness is 3/3.5mm, Easy cleaning and installation 3. Super wear-resistant 4. High elasticity and strong anti - impact 5. High quality fire-retardant 6. Water-proof and moisture-proof 7. Great imitation of natural marble in color and touch 8. High-strength,high-hardness,high/low- temperature resistance 9. Long service life with low maintenance 10.Easy Cutting

  • 3D Wall Panel | One Step To Make Your Wall Gorgeous For Life Time | PVC Wall Panel


    Get Free Samples & Complete Knowledge :- https://goo.gl/yXHt4W Contact Us At : M : 9555075075 W : https://goo.gl/yXHt4W E : Ecoste present an exquisite range of decorative products for wall paneling, ceiling etc. 3d wall panel suitable for both interior/exterior applications. There are 15 delicate designs, which can embrace any type of walls or ceiling. Homes will no longer look boring. These panels will transform dull walls into a work of art. This application is not only meant for decoration rather it can control the moisture that occurs on the walls for Lifetime!! The sheen of 3D wall panels enhance when they are painted in versatile colors. The topsy turvy waves of exclusive designs add to the beauty of the product. Now, Changing the look of elevation is no longer difficult, these walls panels can be applied to upscale the elevations, roofing, ceilings and much more. Features of 3D Wall Panels / PVC Wall Panels :- 1. 100% Waterproof 2. 100% Termite Proof 3. Fire Retardant 4. UV Rays Resistant 5. Paintable 6. High Strength 7. Light Weight 8. Very Easy Installation 9. Exterior Grade Product 10. Perfect For Elevation and Facades 11. Cost Effective 12. Life Time Solution!! Watch How To Install Ecoste 3D Wall Panels !! https://goo.gl/KJdkV2 Watch How To Paint 3D Wall Panels !! https://goo.gl/z7fczu Watch Unbelievable Applications & Designs Of 3D Wall Panels !! https://goo.gl/hrbyiA Watch Customer Review On Ecoste 3D Wall Panels After Using At His Own House !! https://goo.gl/3DZcmU

  • price internal pvc wall panels per square foot


    Like this video? Consider giving us a tip @http://woodplasticproduct.com The WPC wall Panel is made of high strength, water resistant, and strong weather resistance composite materials, which is easy and convenient to install, safe and qualified in application, beautiful in the landscaping and is the new landscape materials in modern city house building. It is widely used in the outdoor wall decoration of residential, office, hotel and so on. Main characteristics of WPC wall Panel The WPC wall Panel is waterproof, fire retardant, pest control, no formaldehyde, no need to paint, anti-corrosion and easy to install and maintain. It can be nailed, cut, bend, shaped, easy cleaning and can be recycled. more info website:http:// facebook:https:// twitter:https://twitter.com/chenchen124953 pinterest:https:// our email: phone:86-21-61182468

  • ECOSTE DECORATIVES Review By Customer – 3D Wall Panel | Grill/Jali | PVC Wall Panels.


    Get Free Samples & Complete Knowledge :- Contact Us At : M : W : E : ECOSTE DECORATIVES - One of our client use Ecoste WPC/PVC Boards to cover basement walls to make it 100% Waterproof & Termite Proof for life time, 2D & 3D Wall Panels for main walls, PVC Grill for wall , pillar & ceiling with back light effects at laxmi nagar, Delhi. Product Information :- ECOSTE BOARDS - Ecoste WPC/PVC Board can use at both interior/exterior applications . Ecoste WPC/PVC Board is 100% Water, Termite, Moisture , Borer proof and UV resistant product. WPC/PVC have become very popular because of their convenience and durability. It is a very environmental friendly material that is of very low maintenance. There is no question of fading or staining and all you have to do is wipe with a damp cloth...Read More () Watch Complete Information Of ECOSTE BOARDS!! ECOSTE CLAD-EX (3D Wall Panels) - A New Product Clad-EX (3D Decorative Panels) Have Been Launched. Clad-EX (3D Wall Panel) is one of the most innovative & decorative Cladding product suitable for Exteriors & Interiors. These panels are used in designing upscale residential & commercial projects. 100% waterproof , 100% termite proof, UV resistant, fire retardant.. Read More () Watch Ecoste 3D Wall Panels Unbelievable Applications Interior & Exterior!! ECOSTE DECO PANELS (Decorative Wall Panels) - Ecoste present their decorative products for wall panelling, ceiling etc. Homes will no longer look boring. There are 12 delicate designs, which can embrace any type of walls or ceiling. The panelling can be done both in the interior and exterior of homes. The panels will transform dull walls into a work of art. The modern designed panels will compliment just about any type of wall of any room. Watch How To Install ECOSTE DECO PANELS (Decorative Wall Panels) ECOSTE PVC GRILLS - Ecoste Presents GRILL/Jali (A Complete Substitute To GRC(Glass Reinforced Concrete) Grill | MDF Grill | Cement Grill | FRP Grill Wooden Grill With 100% Water Proof & Termite Proof Life Time Guarantee, Suitable For Both Interior & Exterior In Any Weather Condition, Available In 300+ Designs!!! We Manufacture This Grill Using Different Materials Like Virgin Polymer, Mineral Fibers and Additives. These PVC Grills have Outstanding Durability, High Strength And Premium Quality Because We Add Some Special Materials In It which are Acrylic Bases Impact Modifiers For Increasing More Strength , Titanium Dioxide For Make it UV Resistant, Calcium Carbonate & Optical Brightener For Increasing More Whiteness & Brightness...Read More() Watch ECOSTE GRILLS Approved By India's Top 50+ Builders!!

  • How to Reupholster a Pontoon Steering Console


    In this video tutorial we will show you the complete steps to reupholster a pontoon steering console. As is often the case an old pontoon boat can be completely restored to look almost brand new with new upholstery. We took this old pontoon boat and not only reupholstered the steering console, but we also installed new Infinity Luxury Woven Flooring, installed a stainless steel frame for a new Bimini and Bimini Boot. Videos cover those projects will be coming soon, so be sure to watch for them and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Visit our website for supplies and tools: http:// HOW TO REUPHOLSTER A PONTOON STEERING CONSOLE CHAPTERS: Removing Old Vinyl Cover – 0:55 min Patterning Console – 2:47 min Cutting Marine Vinyl – 6:18 min Sewing Piping on Side Panels – 9:47 min Sewing Piping & Fabric Pulls to Face Panels – 13:11 min Joining Side & Face Panels – 18:14 min Cutting Relief Slit for Fitting – 24:29 min Gluing Foam to Console – 26:09 min Adding Silk Film – 28:08 min Fitting & Stapling Cover – 29:40 min Covering Relief Slit – 37:36 min Installing BeauClip for Access Panel – 38:59 min Adding Hardware – 44:29 min Materials List – 46:24 minMATERIALS LIST: Dura Skrim Patterning Material – Item # 103134 Marine Quality Vinyl Fabric from Sailrite – we used Item # 105978 Vinyl Welting/Piping from Sailrite – we used Item # 120140 V-92 Polyester Thread from Sailrite Polyurethane Foam 1/4″ With Fabric Backing 60″ – Item # 105432 Cushion Wrap Silk Film 54″ – Item # 103933 Staples for EZE TC‑08 Staple Gun 1/2″ Crown (Stainless Steel) – Item # 104981 3/4″ Hidem Gimp from Sailrite – we used Item # 120212 BeauClip Panel Mounting System – Item # 107156 Screw Flat Head 18‑8 Stainless Steel #4 x 3/8″ – Item # 120462TOOLS LIST: Gingher Scissors Right Handed – Item # 19104 Clear Acrylic Ruler 6″ x 24″- Item # 102400 Tape Measure 120 Inch – Item # 102986 Foam Lock Spray Adhesive 12oz – Item # 120464 Sailrite Ultrafeed LSZ‑1 PLUS (110V) Walking Foot Sewing Machine – Item # 300602 Sailrite Ultrafeed Industrial Sewing Table & Workhorse Servo Motor – Item # 120931 EZE TC‑08 Staple Gun‑80 Series ‑ 1/2 inch Crown – Short Nose – Item # 104983 – Long Nose – Item # 105509 Screwdriver, Razor Blade, Putty Knife, Marker, Pencil, Heat Gun, Wood Screws, ½” Drill Bit, DrillVisit our website for supplies and tools: http://

  • Willsoon Jetter + Vacuum Tanker Combi Unit


    Willsoon Jetter + Vacuum Tanker Combi Unit is trailer mounted and is a "must-have" for all sewer maintenance contractors; 2 in 1 unit; mobile; can be mounted on any trailer. For Jetting and Vacuuming of sewer lines, once Jetting water is spent, debris and sludge from sewer floor can be vacuumed up. Debris/Water Tank Size: 13,500 Lit Material: Stainless Steel 304 Rear Door: Hydraulic powered opening with two (2) manual hand wheels , 1 x 4" ball valve at door for discharge/suction Tank Body: Vacuum safety relief valve for tank, Glass Sight Eye for tank, Sludge Overflow Cut Off Valve provided at top of tank, 1 x Man hole. Operation: One at a time operation (Jetting or Vacuuming only) Tipping: Hydraulic powered tipping up to 30° Vacuum Pump Type: Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Rating: Continuous operation at 8 meters of water vacuum Flow Rate: 600m3/hr Vacuum Limit: 100mbar absolute Material: Cast Iron High Pressure Pump Type: High Pressure Plunger Pump Wet Material: Stainless Steel 304 Flow Rate: 400 lpm Pressure: 200 bar High Pressure Gun Type: Gun for high pressure cleaning Length: 6m hose Flow Rate: 50 lpm Pressure: 110 bar System Driver Type: Diesel Engine Running Time: Max 2 hours on full fuel tank Brand: Cummins China Comes With: Air Intake System, Exhaust System, Cooling System, Control System, Battery and cable

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