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Huanghua Feng Yi Hongde is a professional Chinese pig breeding equipment manufacturer It is the first company in China to use fully automatic welding was established in 2003 is located in the beautiful Huanghua City Hebei Province a beautiful environment close to the beautiful Tianjin Port convenient transportation Founded 15 years ago the company has been committed to product development and manufacturing a full range of pig breeding equipment products mainly Pig Pigments Pig Slats Flooring System Pig Drinking System and other equipment to provide professional and meticulous service to customers by the industry s praise Over the past decade the company has achieved rapid growth The factory...

Categories and Products

Pig Crate

Tube Farrowing Crates

Automatic Welding Galvanized Farrowing Crates For Pigs Farming Equipment Galvanized Farrowing Crates For Pigs Automatic Welding Galvanized Tube Farrowing Cages For Sow Customized Galvanized Pigs Farrowing crates Price SST Hot Dip Galvanized Automatic Sow Farrowing Pens Automatic SST Galvanized Sow Farrowing Crate For Pigs Galvanized Tube Steel Farrowing Pig Cages High Strength Steel Tube Farrowing House For Sale New design galvanized farrowing crate cage for sale Wholesale durable farrowing pig pens Galvanized hog farrowing crate for pig farm Cheap swine farrowing crates from factory Hot galvanized sow farrowing pens with low price Wholesale hot galvanized pig farrowing crates from factory New sow farrowing crates hog crates for sale Cheap durable galvanized pork farm farrowing pen High quality galvanized pig gestation crates birthing crates Tube farrowing crate for sale with low prices High quality durable farrowing crate with low prices Galvanized double farrowing crate with loe prices 

Solid Rod Farrowing Stalls

Round Edge Auto Welding Farrowing Stall For Pig Power Painted Q235 Steel Farrowing Stall For Pig Solid Rod Sow Farrowing Stalls For Farm Equipment Durable Solid Rod Pig Farrowing Pens New Design Customizable Farrowing Pen For Pigs Hot Galvanized Sow Farrowing Stalls For Sale Automatic Welding Solid Rod Pig Pens For Sale Automatic Welding Steel Tube Pig Pen For Sale High quality solid rod farrowing stalls Cheap steel popular pig crates from factory Hot pig farrowing pen with low price 

Solid Rod Gestation Stalls

Galvanized Q235 Steel Gestation Stall For Pigs Galvanized Sanitary Characteristics Sow Gestation Stall Automatic Solid Rod Galvanized Adult Pig Gestation Stall Customizable Galvanized Solid Rod Gestation Stalls For Pigs Various Standard Size Automatic Welding Sows Gestation Pen Durable Solid Rod Sow Gestation Stall For Pigs 

Tube Gestation Crates

Various Size Galvanized Sow Gestation Crates For Pig Various Size Galvanized Farrowing Pig Cages For Swine Galvanized Stainless Steel Tube Gestation Pig Pen Design Customized Tube Galvanized Gestation Crates For Pigs Galvanized Pig Farm Equipment Gestation Crate For Sale Easy Clean Tube Gestation Crates For Pig Farm Q235 Steel Galvanzed Pig Gestation Crate 

Pig Drinking System

Pig Drinking Bowl

Breeding Equipment SST Automatic Drinking Bowl For Pigs SST 304 Automatic Water Drinking Bowl For Pigs Automatic Pig Water Drinking Bowl Standard For Weaner Pig Turned-Down Edge Automatic Animal Drinking Bowls Stainless Steel Avoid Damage Automatic Pig Water Cup Big Capacity Matel Automatic Drinkers For Pigs Keep Clean Automatic SST304 Pigs Water Drinking Bowl Big Capacity SST 304 Automatic Pig Water Drinker No Blind SST Auto Drinking Bowls For Weaner Thickening Clean Round Pigs SST Drinking Water Bowl Auto Stainless Steel Drinking Water Cup For Sow Thick Stainless Steel Automatic Livestock Water Bowl Oval Oval Save Water Stainless Steel Automatic Pig Water Automatic No Blind SST Water Drinkers For Sow Thick Big Automatic Cattle SST Drinking Water Bowl Big Stainless Steel Pig Automatic Cow Drinking Bowl Hard Stainless Steel Automatic Cattle Drinking Bowls Thick Automatic SST 304 Cattle Drink Water Bowl Strong 304 Stainless Steel Automatic Pig Water Bowl Big Size Thicken SST Round Pig Water Bowl 

Pig Plastic Drinking Bowl

Livestock Automatic Plastic Drinking Water Bowl For Pig Thickening Automatic Plastic Water Bowl For Piglets Thickening Hard Plastic Drinking Cup For Piglets Farm Hard Plastic Automatic Piglet Feeding Water Bowl 

Pig Nipple Drinker

Automatic Duplex Staninless Steel Nipple Drinker For Piglet Automatic Stainless Steel Nipple Drinkers For Pigs Automatic SST 304 Pig Nipples Drinker For Sow Stainless Steel Water Pig Drinking Nipple For Piglet Save Water Auto SST Pigs Wet Feeding Nipple New Automatic Stainless Steel Nipple Waterers For Hogs Sow Auto SST 304 Nipple Drinkers For Sow Auto SST Nipple Drinker Wet Feeding For Piglet Piglet Automatic Stainless Steel Pig Drinker For Sale Piglet Automatic SST Pig Nipple Drinker For Sale Stainless Steel Automatic Drinker Nipple For Pig Durable Automatic Stainless Steel Pig Drinking Nipple Thicken Auto SST 304 Piglet Nipple Drinker Thicken Auto SST 304 Nipple Drinker 

Pig Feeding Systems

Wet Pig Feeding Pan

Hot Dip Galvanized Round Wet Pig Feed Pan Wet Feeding Galvanized Stainless Steel Pans For Pig Big Thickening Pig Stainless Steel Wet Feed Pan Thickening Galvanized Steel Pans For Feeding Pig Thicker Wet Stainless Steel Automatic Feeder For Pigs Stainless Steel Sow Wet Feed Pan For Sale 

Piglet Feeder

Stainless Steel 304 Automatic Piglet Feeder For Farm Thick SST 304 Automatic Wet Dry Piglet Feeder Pig Farming Equipment Stainless Steel Automatic Pig Feeder Piglet Used SST 304 Automatic Pig Feeding System New Thicken Stainless Steel Pig Feeder For Piglet 

Sow Trough

SST 304 Sow feed trough for pigs Thickening Big Stainless Steel Water Trough For Sow Large capacity Automatic SST 304 Pig Feed Trough Plastic Automatic Pig Feeder Dry Wet Feed Trough Automatic Dry Wet Feeder Trough For Pig Farm Customized Automatic Wet Dry Feeder For Pigs Pig Farm Thick Stainless Steel Sow Feeding Trough Thickening Deepen SST 304 Big Sow Feed Trough Pig Farm Big Thickening SST Pig Trough Feeder Hot Galvanized Automatic Pig Wet Dry Feed Trough Hog Equipment Automatic Dry Wet Pig Feeding Trough Wet Dry Pig Feeder Trough Equipment For Sale Double Side SST 304 Automatic Feeder For Pigs Eight Hole Adjustable Stainless Steel Automatic Pig Feeder Thicken SST Automatic Pig Feeding System Equipment Double Side SST Auto Feeder For Pigs Double Sides Strong Automatic Stainless Steel Pig Feeder Customized Automatic Stainless Steel Double Side Pig Feeder 

Pig Flooring Systems

Cast Iron Pig Slat

SST Fast Installation Cast Iron Pig Slat Flooring Black Cast Iron Pig Slated Floor Hard Thickening Livestock Casted Floors For Pig Farm Thickening Cast Iron Farrowing Crate Pig Slats Flooring High Strength Cast Iron Slat Floor For Pigs Thickening Cast Iron Farrowing Crate Floor For Livestock Hard Thickening Cast Iron Slats Flooring For Pigs High Strength Cast iron Pig Pen Floor Strong Strength Cast Iron Slat Floor For Pigs High Quality Cast Iron Slat Grate For Pig 

Pig Plastic Slat

Easy Clean Piglet Plastic Slatted Flooring For Pig Thickening Hard Plastic Slat Floor For Pig Nice Keep Warm Hard Pig Plastic Slat Flooring Hard Plastic Pig Slats Floor For Animal Equipment New Fast Installation Hard Plastic Pig Pen Floor Piglet Plastic Slat Farrowing Crate Pig Flooring Injection Molding Hard Plastic Hog Slatted Flooring Fast Installation Plastic Farrowing Crates Pig Flooring Hard Easy Cleaning Plastic Slat Flooring For Pig Farm Equipment Hard Plastic Slats Flooring For Pigs New Hard Goat Plastic Slat Floor For Pigs High Strength Hard Strong Plastic Flooring For Pig New High Strength Plastic Slat Pig Farm Floor High Strength Plastic Slats Flooring For Pig Goat Farm PP Slat Flooring For Pig Cage High Strength Goat Plastic Slat Floor For Sow 

Fiberglass Beams

T-fiberglass Beams

Durable Farm Equipment T Fiberglass Beam For Pig Strong T-Fiberglass Beam For Pig Farm Farrowing Crates Triangle Hollow Fiberglass Beams For Livestock Farm Flooring 

Hollow-fiberglass Beams

High Strength Animal Farm Equipment Hollow Fiberglass Beams Strong Hollow Fiberglass Beams For Pig Slat Floor 

Panel For Pig

Pig Sorting Panel

Red Hard Plastic Sorting Panel For Pig Farm Hard HDPE Sorting Hog Panels For Farming Equipment Durable Red Hard Plastic Pig Sorting Board Hard HDPE Sorting Hog Panel For Pig Farm Big Hard Red Light Pig Sorting Board Red Hard Plastic Used Livestock Panels For Pig Hard Pig Plastic Sorting Panel For Animal Equipment Hard Thicken Red Sorting Panel For Pig Farm Pig Farm High Quality Plastic Pig Sorting Panel 

PVC Panel For Pigs

Durable Pig Farm Used PVC Panel For Pigs High Strength PVC Panel For Pig Farrowing Crates High Strength Pig Crates PVC Panel For Farm Hard Hollow Pig Farm Used PVC Panel 

Pig Farm Accessories

Automatic SST 304 Pipe Water For Pig Farm Strong Stainless Steel Fitting Flooring For Pig Farm Pig Farm High Strength Steel Support For Beam Durable Aluminum pig farm lampshade For Sale High temperature resistance Al Animal Insulation lampshade 

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